Wrath of the Righteous

Wrath of the Righteous

Sessions 2

The group heads out from Neatholm to the surface.   The group is mostly refreshed except for Ox Bellows continued struggle with a bout of filth fever.  On the way they are tasked with taking care of the evil mongrelmen.  Very quickly in their journey they run into some mongrelmen scouts.   After a quick but challenging encounter where 2 of the adventurers were knocked unconcious they prevail moving on through the mongrelmen encampment.     

After exploring a bit of the camp Valen was suprised entering a storage room by a giant monitor lizard.   The lizard Bit Valen through the torso and picked him up off the floor.  The groups rushes to his aid defeating the lizard and healing Valen.  

After several tough battles and defeating an inquisitor they found a note:  See uploaded note.

Within a lockbox Valen picks up Yaniel's sword.  Valen feels a surge of power go through him holding the sword.  






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